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  • Meet Evans and Sheila and discover what food aid means for them.
    Meet Evans and Sheila and discover what food aid means for them.
  • Food for work means Mehuli can feed his family.
    Food for work means Mehuli can feed his family.
  • See how you can help bring relief to hungry children like Simel.
    See how you can help bring relief to hungry children like Simel.
  • Food aid means children like Simel can avoid going hungry.
    Food aid means children like Simel can avoid going hungry.

Food aid gives loving mum a second chance

There’s a lot of uncertainty in Sheila’s life. But there’s one thing she’s sure of. Without food aid, she would not be alive today.

Sheila, who is HIV positive, is fighting a life-threatening illness as well as for her family’s survival.

Her husband left her some years ago, so Sheila is the sole carer for her son Evans, aged 12, and three older children. She’s also taken in her two-year-old nephew Nigel, whose mother is paralysed and unable to care for him.

In her village in Zimbabwe, the rains failed again this season, so she couldn’t grow any food. Before she started receiving food aid, made possible by compassionate donors to the Multiplying Gift Appeal, Sheila had no way to feed her family – and no way to stay healthy enough to care for them.

Sheila must take anti-retroviral medication to keep her illness in check. But she can’t take her pills on an empty stomach. The regular monthly rations of corn, oil, beans and cereal enable her to do this and also mean Sheila and her family have enough food to eat three meals a day.

Her gratitude for the caring Australians, whose generosity has helped to save her life, is deep and heartfelt.

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Sheila, 42, Zimbabwe
If it wasn’t for the food aid, Sheila believes her children would be “orphans and very destitute ... without any place to call home."

How your donation can turn hunger into hope

You can help make sure that families like Sheila’s have the food they need to survive. For example in Kenya it would normally cost you $100 to feed 16 people for a month. However because of our partnership with the World Food Programme, $100 feeds 120 people for a month.
$100 feeds 120 people for a month
As well as helping to provide immediate relief through general food distribution, your donation can also fight hunger in the long term through:
Food for work programs

Through food for work, families gain a reliable source of food to see them through a crisis. At the same time they work on projects – such as building dams and irrigation channels – that help their communities better cope with setbacks like drought.

School meals programs

During times of hardship, parents are sometimes forced to take their children out of school. School meals are an important source of nutrition and provide an incentive for children to stay in school. They are often accompanied by dry food rations for the family.

Food for training programs

Local community members attend training to improve household income and agricultural practices in exchange for food aid.

Beauty and Belinda

Beauty and Belinda: happy and healthy, thanks to generous Australians like you.

Beauty and Belinda were just four and two and living with their 97-year-old great grandfather Ameki in Zimbabwe when our 2011 Multiplying Gift Appeal highlighted their fight for survival.

Their plight touched the hearts of thousands of Australians, who gave generously to help children like Beauty and Belinda who were defenceless in the face of hunger. The food aid was all they had. Without it, their great grandfather feared the girls would die.

Recently, Bernadette Kennedy from World Vision Australia was able to visit the girls in Zimbabwe:

"A group of children are waiting for us at the gate. Having stared at their little faces in our 2011 appeal, I would recognise the two beaming girls in the front anywhere.

Beauty and Belinda extend their tiny hands for me to shake - my heart melts.

The girls recently moved in with their grandmother. They now have enough to eat, and can go to school.

It is obvious they are in a much better situation than two years ago, and are happy, healthy and cared for. I am so proud of our supporters, who helped make this happen."


Thanks to generous Australians, sisters Beauty and Belinda now have enough to eat and energy to play.

You can help save lives with food aid

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